SE145.0045 - EASA.21J.339 - SE.21G.0016 - LFS2007:47
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Design & Production - Part-21 at your service!

Our design and production teams provide engineering, design, production and certification services. We hold approvals covering avionics, interior and airframe. These departments have extensive experience of EASA requirements and offer unique solutions for fixed wing and helicopters.

Projects such as sea surveillance installations, medivac interior design and SAR airframe and interior design have been some of the challenging tasks we recently completed. Strong references are available and our personnel are able to give advice and guidance on most pre-studies and projects.

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Bromma Air Maintenance AB
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Together with ModStore we have published some of our modifications

All of our changes are tailor-made to customer demand, so if You have some ideas, let us have a look and see what we can do for You.


Your vision becomes our design mission

Since 2008, Bromma Air Maintenance AB is a certified Design Organization by the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) with approval number EASA.21J.339. Our design office provide minor design changes and minor repairs for large and small aircraft (CS-23, CS-25, CS-27, CS-29) related to installation of avionics equipment, electrical systems, structure and cabin interiors.

Our services are tailor-made solutions based on our customers requirements. We are a reliable partner when it comes to customizing and together with our manufacturing capability we present a complete service, from your needs through all stages of design, manufacture, installation and certification.


From design into production

Regardless your airframe or flight mission - we always strive for an idea to become reality. We work hard for innovation to transmute into solutions enabling a finished product to be installed in your aircraft. Our Part 21 Subpart G division turns design into production!

Our POA facility and main office are located at Stockholm-Bromma Airport. Our Approval SE.21G.0016 covers the manufacture of mechanical and structural parts for installation on aircraft, manufacture of metallic and non-metallic parts. It ranges from mounting structure solutions for avionic components to metallic parts used in aircraft cabin interiors or cargo compartments.