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Celebrating 205 days at Bromma Air Maintenance - Congratulations to CEO Peter Gustafsson!

In November 2018, our new CEO Peter Gustafsson was recruited to take over after Egert “Egge” Lönn, BAM’s legendary leader for 40 years. To show our appreciation, we wanted to ask Peter how he is settling into his new position and check the pulse after his 205 days at BAM! 

                                            Above: Egert “Egge” Lönn and Peter Gustafsson


We managed to squeeze a few, quick questions into his otherwise very busy work schedule.

Congratulations to your 205 days here at BAM Peter! How have you found your time at BAM over the last 7 months?

In short, three words; inspiring, intensive and fun. I have been well met by a vigorous, hard-working team and very satisfied customers to follow.

How did it feel to be handed the responsibility of BAM from “Egge” - one of the co-founders of BAM (in 1979)?

It is an honour and a privilege to take over after Egge who has got over 40 years of experience in the company. It is with greatest pleasure and humility I am taking on the responsibility to lead BAM forward into the future.

At BAM, it is well known that you were in the Armed Forces (Air Force) for a long time. In your daily routine, what would you say are the biggest differences comparing your past and current role?

I miss my uniform, it was both quicker and easier to choose the uniform every day than to pick my ‘civilian’, every day, ware (laugh). But on a serious note, there are more similarities than I thought – but one difference would be the way of generating and developing business. Furthermore, I believe I have a unique chance of combining my experiences from the Airforce with my gained skills from my MBA at SSE (Stockholm School of Economics).

BAM will turn 40 years this year, how will you celebrate the legacy?

2019, and the 40th year of BAM, will be an active year. For example, we will host an event in October to celebrate BAM with all our employees, customers and various stakeholders. In addition, we are also in the stages of transferring and spreading the legacy of BAM on various social media channels, to share our delight with even more stakeholders. Definitely keep an eye out on our LinkedIn, Facebook and our website, we are currently in the stages of publishing a series of short movies in the next couple of weeks. I believe this will be a great start for the coming celebrations. Finally we will be present at Paris Air Show together with ST Airborne systems next week.

We at BAM are looking forward to at least 2050 more days with you at BAM - to start with, that is 😊 Once again, congratulations and thank you Peter!