SE145.0045 - EASA.21J.339 - SE.21G.0016 - LFS2007:47
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Parts - Your Source for Aircraft Spares

For many years, Bromma Air Maintenance AB has been a reliable source of standard parts, components and avionics for piston engine and turbine-powered aircraft across Europe. We carry almost 4,000 King Air items in stock and we also stock selected parts for airframes like Cessna Citation, Diamond and Piper.





D: +46 8 566 190 00
F: +46 8 566 190 91

Bromma Air Maintenance AB
Hangar 4, Bromma Airport
S-168 67 Bromma
Phone: +46-8 566 190 00
Fax: +46-8 566 190 90


  •     Mechanical & hydraulic parts - wheels & brakes, landing gears, gearboxes, heat exchangers
  •     Electrical parts - starter generators, blowers
  •     Hardware & structural parts - screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, sheet metal
  •     Avionics & instruments - systems by Rockwell Collins, Garmin, Honeywell
  •     Exchange parts - mechanical, hydraulic, electrical & avionics
  •     AOG service - 365/24/7
  •     Hazmat parts & shipping services - fluids, sealant, adhesive, paint

We always strive to provide eminent quality to meet the highest standards in the aviation industry, all parts pass through our  “quality control” and everything we deliver will be accompanied with relevant documentation such as FAA 8130-3, EASA Form 1 and Certificates of Conformance.

Our OEM relationships ensure a wide range of products from some of the strongest aircraft part manufacturers in the world. We stock brands such as Aeroshell, Start Pac, Michelin Air, Good Year, Concorde, Gill, Lycoming, Hartzell, General Electrics, Wheelen, PPG, Rockwell Collins, Garmin, Artex, Zodiac, EAM and many others.

If you're looking to strengthening your network of spare part vendors - Give us a try!